When Data Is King
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The Tech Effect

Unlocking the full potential of our portfolio with VTS

Deploying a business intelligence tool across our Canadian and U.S. industrial and office portfolio — all 120 million square feet of it — was no small feat. The implementation of the cloud-based platform View The Space (VTS) was completed in 2019 and has allowed us to track our lease management process in a much more comprehensive and granular fashion.

With brokers reporting directly into VTS and all data aggregated in a central dashboard, we have immediate access to all the information we need as an owner and we can organize and analyze it right away. “It’s a game changer,” says Jonathan Pearce, Executive Vice President, Leasing and Development, Office and Industrial, North America.

VTS not only allows us to be more agile and efficient, but it also enables us to take advantage of the size of our portfolio. “The platform gives Ivanhoé Cambridge access to much more information than a smaller company would have,” says VTS Chief Executive Officer Nick Romito. “The quicker you can get to your data, the better you can understand where the risks are. It helps you dominate the market.”

Focused on the future

We used to sift through hundreds of brokerage reports at the beginning of each month, but now we just log in. We can see who brings us tenants, where the tenants come from, the fields they work in and how our buildings are perceived in the marketplace. This transparency lets us manage our assets more effectively.

There’s another distinct advantage, according to Pearce: “Tenants view owners who are constantly innovating and adopting new technologies as visionaries.”

By giving me full visibility across our portfolio, VTS provides full transparency and allows us to connect the dots. I can see and address issues before they become real problems.
Jonathan Pearce,
Executive Vice President, Leasing and Development, Office and Industrial, North America

Everything you need in one place

La Conciergerie PVM

Need to have your car washed, to have your suit altered or to buy a few items at the grocery store? La Conciergerie PVM can take care of it. This service, created exclusively for PVM’s occupants, reflects Ivanhoé Cambridge’s innovative approach to promoting well-being at work. The pilot project is the first complete concierge service in Quebec’s office sector and could eventually be extended to other properties.

PVM’s occupants enjoy such services as delivery of flowers and vegetable baskets, educational resources for families, community workshops and lunchtime yoga classes. This is how La Conciergerie PVM sets itself apart from the other services on the market.

Signing up for La Conciergerie PVM is free, and the service is available in person, by phone or by app.

Our services allow Place Ville Marie occupants to achieve a better work-life balance. We are a genuine one-stop shop that makes innovation, quality and environmental sustainability a priority.
Christelle Rousseau,
Operations Manager for La Conciergerie PVM by TO DO TODAY for Ivanhoé Cambridge