Effective corporate governance mechanisms

Good corporate governance makes it possible to make well-informed decisions to achieve established objectives while managing risk. We have a cohesive decision-making process in place, coupled with an efficient oversight structure.

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Board of Directors and committees

Our Board of Directors is made up of a majority of independent directors and is chaired by Macky Tall, Head of Real Assets and Private Equity, CDPQ, President and Chief Executive Officer, CDPQ Infra. The Board’s role is to oversee our management and operations and to approve strategic planning.

The Board delegates select powers to four committees: the Investment Committee, the Human Resources and Compensation Committee, the Governance and Ethic Committee, and the Audit Committee. Each committee is chaired by an independent Board member.

Integrated risk management

Our team ensures that our inherent business risks are adequately managed, including having a reasonable resilience level towards enterprise risks such as environmental, social and governance (ESG). For prevention and protection of challenges and business opportunities, the team collaborates with our main shareholder, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ).

Internal audit

Our Internal Audit team provides an impartial, independent evaluation of our risk management, control and governance processes and puts forward proposals to further strengthen existing efforts.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct lays out the guidelines for our dealings and operations. It addresses such issues as interpersonal relationships, conflicts of interest and asset protection.

Discrimination, harassment and violence in the workplace

We strive to provide a healthy work environment where employees are empowered to reach their full potential. We are therefore committed to a culture that is free of discrimination, harassment and violence in any form.


Our anti-corruption policy outlines our zero-tolerance stance on all forms of corrupt behaviour from our employees, officers and directors, as well as any third parties with whom we have dealings.

Ethics hotline

Violations of the Company’s Code of Business Conduct or any other applicable policy or law can be reported confidentially through the ethics hotline.

CSR governance

Our CSR group - reporting to the Chief Investment and Innovation Officer – oversees the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects in the investment process across business units and corporate services. This includes the implementation of the CSR strategy and action plan, reporting and stakeholder engagement. A working group is tasked with incorporating specific environmental, social and governance factors into the processes of our business units and corporate services.

The Donations and Sponsorships Committee recommends which non-profit organizations will be the recipients of our charitable contributions, as stipulated in our policy in this regard.

Sustainable development principles

Our main shareholder, CDPQ, is subject to the Quebec government’s Sustainable Development Act and has signed on to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). As a real estate subsidiary of CDPQ, we contribute to its sustainability action plan in keeping with the government’s sustainable development strategy and to its PRI reporting activities.

Environmental due diligence

We perform environmental due diligence for all acquisitions, developments and operations in all regions. Our processes are underpinned by an environmental management system, which comprises various compliance control mechanisms, including 11 environmental programs. Environmental performance is tracked, and results are submitted to the Audit Committee on a yearly basis.