Ivanhoé Cambridge innovates

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Constantly learning

To us, innovation means, above all, a company culture built on curiosity, collaboration and freedom to act. We want to learn about what can be done better, within our walls and elsewhere in the world.

To promote this philosophy, we try to use the best collaboration tools and methods. We also surround ourselves with teams of people who come from different backgrounds and have varied areas of expertise.

Experimenting in the service of innovation

Observation, collaboration and experimentation allow us to develop the full potential of the communities we serve. That is how we create value.

Projet Nouveau Centre, our initiative to revitalize downtown Montreal, serves as our main laboratory. The project gives us the opportunity to experiment with design, construction and the professional services offered to tenants. The expertise we gain from working on this project can then be applied to our other initiatives around the world.

Building strong partnerships

Over the years, we have built a solid partner network comprising high-performance businesses, organizations and professionals in many sectors of activity.

Beyond collaborating on routine business matters, we use laboratories, summits and joint experiments so that we can move forward collectively to tangible effect. We have set up a calendar of activities that brings together open-minded people who give generously of their time and ideas.

Looking beyond value

Innovation must generate value in the broad sense; it’s what we refer to as impact investing. When we develop a project, it should have a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental levels, as well as on the physical and mental well-being of the neighbourhood’s users and residents. The objective is also to increase our knowledge and expertise.

At Ivanhoé Cambridge, innovation is supported by a people-focused vision. We predict the future of community life in the cities where we invest, while keeping in mind that these places are constantly expanding and evolving. It’s the “real” in real estate that drives us; our vision is energetic, varied and vibrant.